Product Code: F1
Contarst bag Wooditbe

Designer: Tomaž Lipovec
Materials: Inlaid Diamond veneer, Gray Makassar Veneer, leather,   ecological cotton
Dimensions: approx. 32 cm x 6 cm x 26 (70) cm
Weight: 0,80 kg

€ 350  
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Exterior: Inlaid Diamond Veneer, Gray Makassar Veneer, knitted shoulder rope
Interior: Leather, ecological cotton

Dimensions: approx. 32 cm x 6 cm x 26 (70) cm 
Weight: 0,80 kg

Wooden handbags Wooditbe are unique products, completely handcrafted in Slovenia out of the finest natural materials. They are a fusion of traditional woodworking skills and modern design.

All stages of crafting (from sketching to the product coating) are made entirely by hand in our workshop. Wooditbe uses locally sourced wood, African essences of wood (such us zebrano, rosewood, wenge) as well as printed décor veneer and the finest leather. Special plywood used in our designs enables their particular bends and curves. This is why each model is unique and slightly different.

Wooditbe products are finished with multiple layers of 100 % natural water resistant oil, which protects the wood from water and accidential damage and ensures the longevity of the products.

Our packages (for certain products) are made of environmentally and nature-friendly natural cotton, by Occupational activity centre VDC POLŽ Maribor. VDC POLŽ  is a public regional social welfare institution for adults with mental and physical impairment.